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Jack x Reader
Chapter two

"Do you want me to show you?" Jack whispered slightly, a rosy blush came to his face as his blue orbs glanced your way. You gasped almost star struck.
"Show me?" You question as you gently point to you chest, you too can feel the blood rush to your cheeks. He laughs steadily whilst he gets up, leaning on his staff once more.
"Yeh, you want to know what I can do and like they say, actions speak louder than words." he stares over his staff with a grin on his heart shaped face. "Well, am I right?" he turns to you with eager eye's that hope you'd respond with a positive answer.
"Yes." You exhale, "They do."

You're thoughts trail off once more about all the possibilities that he could create. He could create wonder and magic in the blink of an eye. This was a once in a life time opportunity, just like Wendy with Peter Pan, this mysterious boy wouldn't be likely of making a re-visit when you were old and unable, incapable of the slightest task without damaging yourself. But then yet again, Peter saw Wendy once more, because she still believed in the boy that took her to a mystical place. But there was one problem, Peter Pan might be a story book, unless he is actually really too just like Jack Frost, and story books always have an happy ending, that your's might not have.

To stop your thought's, your White and red fluffy jumper had crashed onto your head, you glanced up over the Boy with a cheeky five year old smirk on his face.
"So...You want to come with me?" he questioned with a soft tone in his voice, you saw that he held out his right hand which was still tinted blue even though he had spent quiet a while in the warmth of your bedroom.
"Well," you start as you stare at his hand, still arguing with yourself about whether you should go or not. That's when the tip of his finger tips wiggled slightly as if to say that he needed your warmth. He needed you. You giggle a little as you shove on your jumper and pull up the hood over your [h/c] hair. Thinking that it might be freezing outside you reach for your navy blue converses that are a little warn down and don't match your pyjamas you are wearing but it doesn't matter as long as something protects your feet.

He smirks as you place your hand gently in his. He can tell that your still not certain of this decision which makes him smile warmly at you once more.
"This is going to be something you don't want to forget." he beams, you smile back uncertain but as he holds your hand a little tighter, your heart skips a beat.
"You just got to believe in me." Jack speaks softly, his voice like steady snowflakes falling gently in the breeze to reach its destination. You exhale shakily as you nod your head.
"I believe in you." You whisper back. He laughs a triumphant laugh he walks over to your windowpane.

"Is this how you got in?" You question as you see no trace of how he could have possibly got in your room.
"Yeah, you were to busy thinking that you didn't even notice the window open." You gulp slightly as you feel like you'd let your guard down.
You'd rarely let anyone in your room, your room is a place for you, a place of peacefulness, a place to relax, a place to think about things and sometimes the good cry into your pillow case. Once again, something pulls you away from your thoughts, a heavy crashing noise from the books that Jack had just pushed off your Window Pane to jump on the window pane.
"Hey!" you snap as those books were your favourite ones, placed in the window pane so that they were easy to get to in case you wanted to read before bedtime.
"Sorry." Jack sighs but you quickly forgive him as he places his hand that was once holding his staff on the lock of the main window, opening it steadily as he stepped onto the window pace. He crouched down on the windowpane and took his staff once again.
"This is the height of insanity." You mumble to yourself as you step a little closer to him who is watching your every move with big, excited blue eye's, he flips his snow coloured hair gently which makes you swoon inside.
"H-How do I get up?" You question as you stare at him nervously.
"Climb on your bed, then put one foot on your headboard, then the other, that's a good way to start." Jack instructed as he still held you hand tightly in his grip, you hopped onto your bed as Jack guided you through the steps. Your feet were now on the un-comfy and painful headboard as you place your right foot on the window pane.
"Jack there isn't much room, and I doubt the window pane can take both of us!" you yell since your foot on the headboard is taking much of your weight and it's killing you, it's like treading on Lego but a little less painful.

Jack releases your hand slowly as he turns away from you with a wink that makes you blush even harder and jumps out of the window.
"JACK!" You clamber up the windowpane, trying to catch his ankle before he falls completely, knocking your left knee as you do so, you groan in pain but the pain is bearable as you hope to God that Jack is not harmed. Both knees on the windowpane and you look over you garden and patio; he's nowhere to be seen.
"JACK!" You yell as you frantically search for him, the cold wind blowing through your hair madly. You begin to think this was all your imagination playing tricks on you since you didn't sleep well the night before.
"JACK?!" you call again, hoping they'll be an answer since the idea of Jack being apart of your imagination was slightly worrying.

"Keep your voice down." he sniggers as he twirls down the pipe on your left hand side. You sigh relieved as he hovers in front of you before your smile had quickly turned into a frown. He sits on his staff with a smirk.
"Don't do that!" you yell at him as you push him away playfully, not realising that you’re still on the windowpane. You wobbly widely as you begin to scream since falling to your death isn’t the way you wanted to go. Jack holds your shoulders to stop you from falling, you hands clamp onto his forearms. You catch your breath as your eye's can't seem to stop looking at the drop between the window and the patio beneath.

"[y/n], look at me [y/n]." Jack says calmingly, as he releases your left shoulder, with that, you let go of his forearm and place the free hand on the windowpane. Jack gently tilts your face up so your looking into his eye's for reassurance.
"I'm scared." You whisper breathlessly as you shake a little with fear, Jack nods his head confidently.
"It's okay, it's okay, we’re going to play a game." He smiles a perfect grin, were you could help but notice his teeth were like freshly fallen snow.
"You ever heard of hopscotch?" Jack wondered, you nodded quickly but never let go of him.
"We're going to have a little fun..." He takes your hand once more, holding it tight and guides you further out of the window.
"See? Just like that!" he smiles confidently, you lower your hand which was on Jack's fore arm little by little, he grins reassuringly.
"One." Jack whispers steadily as you edge forward, you can feel your cheeks and the tip of your nose numbing from the cold breeze but you didn't care.
"Two." he raises his voice as you place your free hand out of the window and it's now gripping the wall besides you. Placing your head outside the window, your feet are resting shakily on the window pane which is covered in water. You finally stand up probably, reaching behind you to shut the window. Your back is placed firmly against the window as you breath heavily, telling yourself that your going to fall to your death without even saying a single goodbye first. Squeezing your eye's shut, you mumble everyones name you have ever loved quickly as you know the last word he says is on the tip of his Tongue. Gripping his hand tighter, you had a gut feeling that this could be the end. Your heart beats faster with every shaky breath you take, you were excited, nervous.
"Three!" he yells with a grin. You jump, hoping not to feel the solid patio tiles underneath you when multiple bones are broken and possible death.

"Open your eye's." He laughs, you squint an eye open with caution. You felt no pain, but this could be your mind playing tricks on you, or maybe you died instantly from impact. His hand was still locked in yours; you gripped his hand tightly. Maybe he fell with you?
"Am I dead?" you wonder before your eye's open fully to see that you are flying.
"Course you're not dea-" Jack begins before you yell.
"Holy shit!" you literally throw yourself onto Jack, making him rock backwards from impact. You cling to his ice-cold hoodie tightly. He glances down at you with a snigger as he removes a strand of your [h/c] locks out of your face.
"You know, it'll be more fun for you if you let go, right?"
"Yes." you say, squeezing his hand even tighter. "If I let go of you or your hand, you'd let me fall." You mumble into his hoodie shakily.
"Believe me." He smiles as you steadily look up at him with nervous [e/c] orbs.
"I do." you whisper as your fingers slowly unhook themselves from Jack's clothes as you stand up, and start to laugh out of amazement as you look down.
"This is not possible." you laugh as you glance down to see the patio beneath you.
"Anything's possible." Jack added with a shrug, you turn to him ecstatically.

Jack swoops off into the twilight sky and you fly with him. Flying high into the sky, the clouds are just like cold steam moving out of their way for you and Jack. Making noises of delight as you see the small lights of your town beneath you.
"This is amazing!" you tell him with a smile that stretches from ear to ear. He twirls around and you follow his every move since your hands are still interlocked with his.
"I know!" he grins as he briefly looks over you who is taking in the view and the feeling of being weightless.
"Since it's New Year's Eve, where do you want to go?" He asks with wonder, you turn to him with a blush.
"Anywhere you want too."
Chapter Two! Yay! So many people enjoyed Chapter One, So I decided to continue it! XD
Links for Chapters
Chapter One: [link]
Chapter Two: YOU ARE HERE XD
(I'll add more chapters once I have complete them XD )

So, I was thinking, this Reader Insert really needs a name.... Can anyone think of a name for it?

Links to other ROTG stuff.
Bunnymund sketches: [link]
ROTG dumbsketch:[link]
Jack Frost drawing: [link]
Tooth Fairy Mask: [link]

I dont own Jack Frost or anyother of the guardians, dreamworks do and hopefully you belong to yourself XD
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